Meditation is the learning and practice of witnessing what is. It is a detached observation of reality with full awareness and acceptance of both positive and negative, good and bad.


Witnessing is the key to stepping out of the ego-mind and healing into consciousness. Witnessing makes us aware of our eternal presence in the Here and Now, where our beliefs and conditionings drop away naturally, and we are awakened into a self-realized consciousness. Through practice of witnessing, we disidentify from our body, mind, and emotions, and experience the inner stillness of our true being. Witnessing helps us align with our Self and find our purpose on Earth and within the Universe.

“Witnessing is finding your inside mirror. Once you have found it, miracles start happening. When you are simply witnessing the thoughts, thoughts disappear. Then there is suddenly a tremendous silence you have never known. When you are watching the moods – anger, sadness, happiness – they suddenly disappear and an even greater silence is experienced.

When there is nothing to watch – then the revolution. Then the witnessing energy turns upon itself because there is nothing to prevent it; there is no object left. The word object is beautiful. It simply means that which prevents you, objects you. When there is no object to your witnessing, it simply comes around back to yourself – to the source. This is the point where one becomes enlightened. Meditation is only a path: the end is always buddhahood, enlightenment. To know this moment is to know all. Then there is no misery, no frustration, no meaninglessness; then life is no longer an accident. It becomes part of this cosmic whole – an essential part, and a tremendous bliss arises that this whole existence needs you.”

–Osho: Light on the Path, Chapter 1