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Osho Neo Reiki with Iggy 

Osho Leela (Uk) 17h August 2018 – 19th August 2018

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Osho Neo Reiki is  the traditional system of Reiki, enriched by enlightened spiritual master Osho Rajneesh. The Osho Neo Reiki  was developed by Osho himself in 1988. It includes more powerful meditations and it works on Kundalini as well. The Osho Neo Reiki is for those who wish to excel in the field of spirituality. Everyone is spiritual to the some extent and you can find new avenues for spirituality within your heart.



This technique is rooted in the traditional Japanese “USUI System of REIKI Natural Healing”. Reiki is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life and it is open to any belief system.

As Neo means New, it indicates that the presence of the Enlightened Master will bring new dimensions into an ancient technique. This inner dimension will be a very individual and unique experience. It happens by the touch of light, by turning inwards, by exploring the inner reality and regaining our natural potential. It is about awakening and integrating dormant energies in the subtle bodies. The traditional Osho Neo Reiki takes you in the space of meditation and receive the Universal life energy with a great respect, love and gratitude, to use for self and to share with others, for a multidimensional expansion of consciousness. 

Approach through the meaning of the syllables, and nature of the sound. Rei means Universal, and ki is the life force energy. In one of his talk Osho speaking about the meaning of the Japanese word OSHO, said that O means with a great respect, love and gratitude, and SHO is a multidimensional expansion of consciousness. 

The Focus of the traditional Osho Neo Reiki is to use Reiki as tool for Transformation.

You can visit www.osho.com to know more about enlightened spiritual master Osho Rajneesh

“Reiki is a gift from existence” ~  Osho